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How to fix puffy eyes

The delicate skin around your eyes can reveal a multitude of sins – sleepless nights, stress, burning the candle at both ends – and it’s usually the first place you notice signs of ageing, because the under-eye skin is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face or body.

For that reason, an eye cream or gel is an important step in your skincare regime, providing targeted support where your skin needs it most. Natural, plant-powered skincare can help reduce puffy eyes when your concealer isn’t cutting it – with none of the nasties of chemical-laded treatments.

If you have puffy eyelids in the morning, the cooling and soothing properties of a puffy eye cream can work wonders to wake up tired eyes and address puffiness. High-performance botanicals work together to reduce fluid build-up around the eyes, replenish hydration, and protect the delicate eye area from pollutants.

The best eye gel for puffy under-eyes

Anoint H₂O De-Puffing Eye Gel offers ultra-hydration to protect and de-puff around the eyes.

In a four-week user trial, 88% said Anoint visibly reduced puffiness, while 97% said eyes felt cool and refreshed.*

In a clinical trial, the puffy eye gel was shown to hydrate skin by 39% after just two hours.**

High-performance botanicals work to reduce puffiness and soothe the delicate eye area

Seven key bioactives to target puffy eyes

Anoint H₂O De-Puffing Eye Gel features seven high-performance active ingredients with anti-inflammatory and protective properties to reduce puffiness and improve hydration.

Coffee berry helps to awaken tired eyes by stimulating blood flow and reducing the build-up of fluid that causes puffiness. The natural caffeine content in coffee possesses vasoconstrictive properties that help to tighten the skin, giving the eyes a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

Marine red algae infuses Anoint with a wealth of essential nutrients and minerals, which work together to improve the appearance of puffy eyes, while its rich antioxidant content protects against environmental stressors, helping to address premature ageing.

Coffee berry helps to reduce the build-up of fluid that leads to puffy eyes

Plant-based hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration to the skin, to keep it looking refreshed and healthy throughout the day. New Zealand manuka honey, renowned for its exceptional hydrating and antibacterial properties, helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness, while its natural humectant qualities lock in essential moisture, promoting a supple and rejuvenated eye area.

Cooling cucumber extract soothes tired eyes thanks to its high water content, while its natural astringent properties help to tighten and tone around the eyes, improving the appearance of puffiness.

Antioxidant-rich bamboo ferment aids the protection of delicate tissue against everyday pollutants. Along with Vinanza® Oxifend Plus, a New Zealand superfruits compound, it defends and revitalises the under eyes to reveal brighter, fresher eyes.

Soothe your skin with the water-rich formulations in the Skin-Hydrating range

Dispense a small amount of Anoint H₂O De-Puffing Eye Gel onto your fingertips. Smooth the gel around the eye area, using gentle tapping motions. Follow with Baptise H₂O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel to foster a fresh, supple complexion.

The puffy eye cream is certified vegetarian, cruelty free, and packaged in recyclable glass and FSC-certified cardboard, printed with 100% eco-inks from vegetables.

*In-vivo trial results from 33 participants after 2 weeks of use. % of participants who agree with the statement.

**Dermatest Australia: clinical study of 13 men & women, ages 18-65 (2022)



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