Science & Innovation

Science & Innovation

Aging is cool, if you manage it right. From the outset, Antipodes set a goal of pioneering a new niche in skincare globally: premium botanicals and certified organic natural skincare products that guide skin through the aging process. So, regardless of age or stage, your skin can be fresh, healthy and glowing. The Antipodes Scientific Green Beauty™ multi-level approach is the foundation of our Founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich built the brand on. This includes clinical trials, bioactive ingredients and in-vitro investigations, which may indicate the potential strength of each natural, vegan or organic skincare formulation.

"We are constantly searching for avenues to bring unique New Zealand bioactives into products that perform better for our global devotees than their conventional skincare routine," says Elizabeth. "All our products feature pure ingredients and clean ingredients. It's about green beauty delivering above expectations."

Ingredient Discoveries

Independent testing on sustainable Vinanza® Grape antioxidant compounds has shown that Vinanza® Grape has high antioxidant levels from grape seeds and improves elasticity and firmness in the skin by 16%,* while independent results from Vinanza® Grape and Kiwi testing has demonstrated improved skin cell membrane integrity by decreasing trans-epidermal water loss by 16%, improving skin elasticity by 16%, decreasing skin redness by 7% and lightening skin by 3.5%.*

*Independent clinical study by AgResearch Ltd: The effect of grape seed and kiwifruit extracts on skin preparation.

Clinical Trials

Our products have also scored well in the all-important human clinical trials for best anti-aging and skin appearance results, with studies showing that Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel increased skin hydration by up to 52% after 24 hours*. Meanwhile, Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream was clinically shown to reduce dryness by 85.7%.** We also undertake dermatological testing of our fragrance-free sensitive skincare.

*Dermatest Australia: clinical study of 10 women, ages 38-58, 2019.

**Eight week independent human clinical studies by Dermatest (Australia) involving 10 women (2010)

In Vitro Testing

Antipodes' unique difference is its focus on in-vitro scientific investigations. Working alongside scientific experts is usually reserved for major brands and those with in-house laboratories but Antipodes has also achieved that – collaborating with some of New Zealand’s best scientific minds to help elevate the product textures, hydration levels and, critically, the potential to optimise the skin’s appearance. Our in-vitro scientific investigations look at the effect of human skills cells when exposed to product end formulations. This method shows how skin cells stimulate or synthesize collagen over and above natural collagen levels. These investigations also test how the chemistry inhibits or decreases free radical damage.

As consumers know, the market for natural and organic skincare is a crowded one and identifying authentic brands can be difficult. I believe consumers deserve authentic products and a scientific level of proof that formulations have been scientifically tested and validated, including the all‐important testing on human fibroblast cells in‐vitro.

Elizabeth Barbalich
Founder & CEO

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