New Zealand Nature

New Zealand Nature

Wherever you are in the world, lift the lid of an Antipodes skincare product to Connect with Nature® in New Zealand. Out here on the edge of the world, we focus on delivering the world’s highest quality skincare from our lush green forests.

New Zealand is 42 degrees south of the Equator, two islands surrounded by water that have evolved over millions of years of unpolluted nature, low population density and some of the world’s most untouched nature. Fertile soil, pure air, high sunshine hours and clean rainfall has gifted us healthy bioactive trees and plants rich in skin enhancing properties. From this flora we seek to include nutrient‐dense ingredients for our quality‐focused formulations.Alongside our New Zealand‐grown hero ingredients, we source native New Zealand plants that are only found in our corner of the world. Originating in remote and wild locations, this includes world‐famous manuka honey, harakeke flax gel, mamaku black fern and kawakawa – all renowned for their protective and regenerative properties.

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Antipodes' signature wallpaper pattern is also inspired by New Zealand’s unique nature.

At Antipodes, we proudly work with some of New Zealand’s best growers and innovative, high‐tech producers who extract these ingredients with maximum vitality, freshness and nutrient density. These producers are passionate about working their land sustainably and about meeting our exacting standards for quality and environmental care.

Our ecosystem of suppliers is a critical success factor in the Antipodes brand, supplying us green ingredients or sustainable packaging for our high‐quality skincare. From the printing of our biodegradable cardboard to our world‐class manufacturing partner, our partners have been with us since day one, which ensures full transparency and quality.

It’s no secret that whatever you add to your skin is ingested, so it makes sense to use only pure ingredients that are of the highest possible quality and functionality.

Experience the luscious power of wild‐harvested extracts from pure New Zealand nature and be transported to our lush corner of the world whenever you use any of Antipodes' natural health products made using pure, organic ingredients.

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