New Zealand Nature

New Zealand Nature

Inspired by the clean environment of New Zealand
42 degrees south of the Equator, we call New Zealand home: two islands surrounded by water that have evolved over millions of years to form a unique ecosystem, rich in skin-enhancing ingredients. Enveloped by trees, oxygen rich and bursting with an abundance of flora and fauna, these water-drenched forests are the backdrop to our New Zealand skincare products. There is no place like this on Earth.

New Zealand nature is woven through our DNA


When Antipodes founder Elizabeth Barbalich needs clarity, she heads into nature. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand’s creative capital city, where lush forests, expansive oceans, and awe-inspiring mountains, lakes, and rivers are mere minutes away. It’s the perfect inspiration for our premium New Zealand skincare products.


Low population density, fertile soil, pure air, high sunshine hours, and clean rainfall have gifted us healthy bioactive trees and plants, rich in skin-enhancing properties. From this flora we carefully extract nutrient-dense ingredients for our quality-focused formulations.


Nature inspires the unique signature wallpaper pattern that adorns our New Zealand skincare products. Profoundly distinctive from other minimalist labeling, it is composed of shapes and patterns found in Fiordland in New Zealand’s South Island – one of Elizabeth’s favorite places in the world.

Explore the skin-enhancing properties of the cleanest ingredients on Earth.

Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes CEO & Founder

“Wherever you are in the world, lift the lid on Antipodes to connect with nature in New Zealand.”

Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipodes CEO & Founder

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