The Best Anti-Blemish Serum

Best Anti-Blemish Serum - Body 1. Alt Text: Skin looks clearer & more even* 87%. Visibly reduced appearance of blemishes* 60%

Blemishes, hormonal breakouts, and other skin irritations are signs of an unbalanced microbiome – the mix of good and bad bacteria on the skin. If bad bacteria is allowed to flourish, skin becomes inflamed and reacts with blemishes, redness, premature aging, and irritable skin conditions.

An effective anti-blemish serum delivers a concentrated dose of active ingredients to cultivate the growth of good bacteria, which helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and nurtures a healthy, clear complexion.

Blemished skin is not just about pimples – blemishes on the skin can include any scars or flaws that are the result of damage or premature aging. Our new anti-blemish serum, Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum, restores balance to stressed skin to improve the appearance of those blemishes and help you achieve your freshest complexion.

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum

Credo Probiotic Ferment Revitalise Serum is a very effective anti-blemish serum due to its innovative blend of science-backed probiotics and high-tech fermented ingredients.

A rich gel serum for daytime, Credo has been clinically shown* to help reveal clearer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. After four weeks’ use, 87% of people said their skin looked clearer and more even.

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How Credo helps

  • Balances the microbiome – the mix of good and bad bacteria that is essential for healthy skin.
  • Clears the skin – reduces redness and roughness, to reveal a more even skin tone.
  • Revitalises the complexion – hydrates, plumps, and firms the skin’s texture.

The result: skin looks fresh, blemishes are reduced, and acne scars, premature aging, and other signs of damage are less noticeable.

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The role of probiotics in an anti-blemish serum

Credo’s hero ingredient, Kalibiome AGE probiotic, fosters a healthy complexion by boosting good bacteria that helps to protect against photo-aging while improving skin density – the collagen and elastin that give skin its strength and bounce. Skin that loses density is more susceptible to damage and less able to retain vital moisture.

Clinical testing** of Kalibiome AGE probiotic has shown:

  • Reduction in redness by 18%
  • Decrease in wrinkle depth by 13%
  • Increase in elasticity by 10%
  • Increase in hydration by 13%

This means the probiotic in Credo helps skin to look and feel calmer, smoother, and healthier.

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The benefit of fermented ingredients in an anti-blemish serum

Fermented ingredients are beneficial in an anti-blemish serum because they help restore balance to stressed skin by cultivating the growth of good bacteria, to promote a healthy microbiome. This in turn nurtures clearer skin.

The process of fermentation has several additional benefits for skincare:

  • Increases an ingredient’s potency, so its benefits are intensified.
  • Improves absorption, so ingredients get to work quickly.
  • Retains moisture, to help soothe and protect blemished skin.

Credo contains a trio of high-tech ferments: plant hyaluronic acid, kombucha, and bamboo ferment. They work together in the anti-blemish serum to help deliver healthy, clear skin.

Credo is certified vegan and is suitable for most skin types, especially skin that is blemished or stressed. Massage 3-4 drops of the rich gel serum into your face, neck, and decolletage each morning after cleansing.

*In-vivo trial results from 45 participants after 4 weeks of use. % of participants who agree with the statement.

**Kalibiome probiotics/postbiotics 600: clinically shown to revitalise extracellular matrix.



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