How To Treat Dry Lips With Lip Conditioner & Natural Lipstick

As sure as the sky is blue, dry lips seem primed to seek us out. Uncomfortable and unsightly in equal measure, they’re a drag if you love a pop of color in your makeup routine. We’ll just put it out there: the thought of applying lipstick to flaky lips is the stuff of nightmares. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and nor are healthy lips. By carefully curating your skincare regime, you can cultivate a pout that’s fit to take out, so for all the advice you could ever need on how to heal cracked lips, you’re in the right place.



Why do we get dry lips?

Unlike our face and other parts of our body, lips contain no sweat or oil glands. These glands serve as the skin’s natural moisturizers – so you can see why our lips get dry so easily without them. The skin of our lips is also extremely thin; so thin, in fact, that blood cells are visible (that’s where they get that rosy pink color). Protecting this thin skin barrier is a critical factor in maintaining healthy lips.

Beyond our genetics, exposure to the elements can have lips looking worse for wear. Extreme temperatures and wind are often the culprits, but the change of seasons is a factor, too. As the seasons shift, the level of moisture (humidity) in the air can shift with it, sapping our lips of moisture. It might seem counterintuitive, but saliva can actually strip moisture – so licking lips is officially banished from the list of cures for chapped lips.

The best way to treat dry lips

  • Prep lips with a conditioning balm.
  • Apply some color with a moisturizing lipstick
  • Protect with silky skin balm
  • Prevent by keeping on top of your lip care routine

For your healthiest lips, a lip conditioner and natural lipstick should be a staple of your routine. Yes, lipstick! The right natural formulas will plump, not parch.  The key is to layer lips with conditioning products that deliver nutrient-rich ingredients. Even lipstick can fit into this ultra-hydrating routine.

1: Prep & protect lips with a conditioning lip balm

Make sure that little tube lurking at the bottom of your handbag is a quiet achiever. A conditioning balm such as Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner is the best lip balm for dry lips, delivering moisture without the greasiness that comes with ultra-oily treatments and high-shine glosses.  The skin of the lips is kept healthy, hydrated, and flake-free thanks to a blend of bioactives. Kiwi seed oil, ultra-rich in Vitamin C, joins avocado oil, full of essential vitamins and omegas. These oils help the balm protect against water loss and increase surface lipids, keeping lips soft and plumped in appearance.

Beauty tip

This hard-working lip conditioner is also a natural lip primer, providing a hydrating barrier between lips and lippy. Smooth under your favorite lipstick to prevent feathering or settling in fine lines. It’s also an instant moisture boost to treat dry lips at any time of day.

2: Apply healthy color with a moisturizing lipstick

Over the course of our lifetime, it’s said we ingest as many as three kilograms, or seven pounds, of lipstick. Regardless of the exact quantity, it stands to reason that anything you put on your lips should also be safe to eat.

So healthy, you could almost eat them

Inspect the label of your lipsticks. Many contain a smorgasbord of potentially harmful ingredients, such as synthetic preservatives. You’ll also find drying alcohols, which are commonly used to create fragrance.

Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks trade synthetic nasties for 100% natural origin ingredients, so they’re safe for your daily routine. These toxin-free, all-natural lipsticks are certified vegetarian, too. The only animal byproduct is beeswax, which helps to give the lipstick its structure and smooth application. Lipstick – and lip star.

Matte, yet moisturizing lipstick

Nutrient-rich ingredients mean Antipodes’ natural lipsticks moisturize and condition as they color. Think pure plant oils like argan oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Daring reds, cheeky oranges, soft pinks, and subtle nudes: the bold matte shades come from low levels of FDA-approved pigments. The rich colors stay put without drying lips.

Beauty tip

Apply several layers of your favorite Moisture-boost Natural Lipstick for lips that pop with ultra-vibrant shades; or gently dab with a tissue to leave a soft wash of color.

Prevention is key

Rain, wind, cold, sun – staying on top of your lip care means lips that look and feel healthy all year round.  Think of a natural lip care regime as your weapon against the elements, helping to seal your delicate skin barrier.  By keeping lips soft, hydrated, plumped and protected, you can bid goodbye to the dreaded dry.




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